A look at the current state of our economy can be discouraging. Average credit card debt is growing every year, and the consumer’s ability to keep up with payments has become increasingly difficult. While these numbers reveal a serious and daunting issue, there are ways to find relief. Filing for bankruptcy may be the most beneficial decision for your household. When you are straddled with serious and overwhelming debts, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a viable option. This form of bankruptcy can help alleviate the insurmountable pressure you or your family may be feeling.

If you need to start on a new page, wipe your debt clean with the help of a Port St Lucie bankruptcy lawyer Jon L Martin. We know that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not for every household, but for those who need quick relief from major debts, it provides enormous relief. Individuals or businesses who are interested in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy need to seek the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Once we have determined that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a viable option for you, we will assess your current finances, help you analyze your debt, identify exemptions and walk you through all the necessary forms. Bankruptcy Attorney in Port St Lucie Jon L. Martin strives to give every client informed and applicable guidance to eliminate debt while protecting most of your assets.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is beneficial because it will eliminate most of the debts you are struggling with. There are bankruptcy laws that will protect your most essential assets. You may be able to keep your vehicle depending on the value vs. the amount owed; and even your home when considering the same issues. Talking with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Port St Lucie Florida may help you identify all possible exemptions to protect your property even after filing for bankruptcy. For more information on Florida bankruptcy exemptions, contact Port St Lucie bankruptcy attorney today.


Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a serious step. Not all of your property can be liquidated, however, as you are afforded certain protections under federal and state laws.

Even if you find that your income is above average for your household size, you may still be able to file bankruptcy and keep most of your assets. Everyone has different situations. Let Port St Lucie bankruptcy attorney create a custom solution for you that maximizes results. We know that our clients are all working through a difficult economy and it’s our goal to help them navigate through it. Debt can bring serious stress, family strain and workplace tension. Don’t let debt control your life; get counsel from our firm today.

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