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Construction Law

Born and raised in the construction business, attorney Jon L. Martin brings nearly 50 years of “real world,” hands-on construction experience and legal knowledge to the construction dispute resolution process. As a general contractor, Mr. Martin has done everything from exclusive, million-dollar remodel projects on executive estates to building new residential and commercial projects. Mr. Martin is especially well suited to resolving problems in the luxury new home building process.

Throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s, his business included both a luxury new home and remodeling division and a multistate commercial out-lot development division. In addition, he’s received local, regional and national awards for his work in the renovation of historic properties.

Today, he is a busy construction law attorney in Port St. Lucie and Palm City and travels nationwide lending his wide range of experience and expertise in this field to owners and builders who are lost in the resolution of construction disputes. His ongoing commitment to the construction industry throughout his career keeps him current on new products, processes and equipment. His work as a construction arbitration attorney keeps him current on building codes, construction standards and performance guidelines which combined with his lifelong hands on experience, makes him an extremely effective and knowledgeable mediator, arbitrator and construction attorney.

A real estate investor in his own right, Mr. Martin understands the impact of delay on real estate investments. With an M.B.A. with a concentration in real estate from the University of Cincinnati in addition to his law degree, he understands real estate and construction finance and knows the intricacies of financial analysis as it pertains to real estate, providing added insight as to the effects of construction disputes and their resolution.

With one of the widest ranges of knowledge, experience and professional training available, Mr. Martin represents a unique set of skills and experience especially well suited to construction problems. Whatever the issue, and whatever the impact you are facing on your construction project, Jon L. Martin, has the practical knowledge, experience and expertise to create practical, timely, and cost-effective solutions to your construction dispute resolution problems.


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