Each month I teach a class on bankruptcy at Cummings Library in Palm City as part of the Southern District of Florida’s Federal Bankruptcy Court’s “Pro Se” Program. Over the course of the year, many attendees learn how to help themselves, family, and/or friends resolve their financial difficulties. They learn about Bankruptcy avoidance, as well as the actual workings of the Bankruptcy Courts. Some of the most rewarding attendees I teach are seniors and single mothers.

Recently, I had the pleasure of advising a World War II Veteran who needed information to help his son. This gentleman was clearly a survivor, having been shot down over the Pacific TWICE!! Obviously he was rescued twice. But, when you talk about bravery and toughness, I can’t imagine what it must have taken (having been shot down once and being fortunate enough to be pulled out of the ocean), to go back up into combat and do it all over again! This man is truly a hero in my mind. Certainly he personifies those we refer to as THE GREATEST GENERATION

As fortune would have it, shortly after I met him, I happened to run across a charity that works with veterans by providing adventure outings for vets of every war. This resulted in “MY” 93 year old veteran being able to go on a charter fishing trip at NO COST! The same charity has agreed to sponsor him for this fall’s HONOR FLIGHT to Washington D.C. to tour all the National Monuments and Memorials there.

The Charity is called “COURAGE ON ALL FRONTS,” and should you be so motivated, you can volunteer time and/or money and/or food for cookouts and other gatherings to help this charity achieve its goals. Which are specifically to bring friendship, fun and excitement into our veteran’s lives as often as possible in a way they would not ordinarily experience from other resources.

If you would like to help give a veteran a truly rich and meaningful lift, please contact our office to request information on how you can help make a fantastic memory for a veteran. Or you can contact: COURAGEONALLFRONTS@GMAIL.COM. You can also visit their website at: www.courageonallfronts.com. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference in ANY veteran’s life.



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