Other Don’ts in Preparing to File Bankruptcy

May 21, 2015 | Guidance

1.    Don’t leave out bank, checking, savings, brokerage,  credit union accounts.
2.    Don’t use your credit cards.
3.    Don’t take credit cards cash advances.
4.    Don’t use convenience checks.
5.    Don’t make balance transfers.
6.    Don’t pay debts to family.
7.    Don’t pay debts to friends.
8.    Don’t tell a creditor you intend to pay.
9.    Don’t leave assets of any kind off of your paperwork.
10.  Don’t fail to tell your attorney about yoursmall business, sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, LLP, LC, Corporation or hobby.
11.  Don’t give of gift property to anyone.
12.  Don’t transfer assets to anyone unless it is a genuine sale for fair value.
13.  Don’t cash out retirement plans or 401k’s.
14.  Don’t gamble.
15.  Don’t hide assets or debts.
16.  Don’t forget timeshares or co owned property.
17.  Don’t omit unfiled legal claims you have.
18.  Don’t forget stock options, profit sharing plans, or pension rights.
19.  Don’t take out payday loans.
20.  Don’t put your money in your children’s bank account.
21.  Don’t omit or ‘save” a credit card for after your bankruptcy.
22.  Don’t fail to list debt to family or other “insiders”.
23.  Don’t write bad checks.
24.  Don’t give creditors postdated checks.
25.  Don’t borrow money without talking to your attorney first
26.  Don’t forget to tell your attorney about liens or unpaid judgments on your home.
27.  Don’t make major financial decisions without talking to your attorney.
28.  Don’t misrepresent facts to your attorney.
29.  Don’t bank where you owe money.
30.  Don’t take your name off a title to any asset.
31.  Don’t assume you understand bankruptcy fully, ask your bankruptcy lawyer.

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