What Does A Bankruptcy Attorney Actually Do Besides File Bankruptcies?

I recently had a client come to me seeking bankruptcy help because she could no longer pay her bills due to an accident injury that left her unable to work. The wife of a retired Police Officer, she was mortified by the thought of having to file bankruptcy, but didn’t know what else to do. After an extensive interview with her I realized that her “bankruptcy problem” was the result of an accident caused by the carelessness of another which she had no part in.

Rather than simply file bankruptcy for her, we took on the case and helped her file a personal injury claim while simultaneously opening the door to negotiations with her creditors that allowed her to afford settlements of her debts at reduced amounts. We attained a settlement for her that not only recovered her out of pocket losses, but that also paid for all her outstanding, current and ongoing medical bills as well as her lost income from not being able to work!

Are you suffering financially because of the actions of someone else? Is it time to talk to a bankruptcy Attorney Port St Lucie about your situation before it’s too late to recover compensation that’s due you. No one really wants to file for bankruptcy. They just usually find themselves in a situation with no understanding of how they ended up in such a mess!

Jon Martin knows more than just Bankruptcy! Let us help you determine if there are alternatives and whether or not Bankruptcy is right for you! Call us today… you’ll be glad you did! (772) 419-0057


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