Why Do You Need a Probate Attorney in Port St Lucie Florida?

When a person dies, complexities may arise in the administration of the estate of the deceased person, otherwise known as the decedent. A Probate Attorney Port St Lucie Florida can help with the administration of estate of the decedent.

In Florida, there are 2 types of probate: formal administration and summary administration. The probate process can be quite complex. Hiring a probate attorney will help with guiding the executors and the beneficiaries of the decedent’s estate.

The probate attorney advises the executors and beneficiaries through the entire probate process. This is necessary to ensure that the final affairs of the decedent are fully settled.

Roles of a Probate Attorney Port St Lucie Florida:

  • Assist in locating and securing the property and assets of the decedent, both probable and nonprobable
  • Ascertain the correct value of the decedents’ property on the date of death
  • Prepare and present on a timely basis, all the documents required by the probation court
  • Advise on issues regarding the payment of income taxes and estate taxes of the decedent
  • Advise on the sale of the decedent’s property
  • Oversee the payment of the outstanding balances and debts of the decedent
  • Settle disputes arising between the executors and the beneficiaries
  • Oversee the retitling of the decedent’s property to the names of the beneficiaries in the event that the property is not being sold
  • Distribute the remainder of the decedent’s property and assets to the beneficiaries after settling the creditor’s dues and taxes.

All in all, a probate lawyer will enable the beneficiaries and executors of the decedent’s property to settle the decedent’s final affairs. Hiring a specialist will help to deal with conflicts brought by complexities in laws, and avoid litigations in future.

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