Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Over the last several years as a Florida Bankruptcy Attorney, I have seen folks struggle against overwhelming odds to keep the bills paid, food on the table for their children, clothes on their back and a roof over their heads. Many soon find themselves cutting back on groceries, medical and dental care to maintain impossible debt loads while lenders continue to refuse to help these folks adjust their obligations to an affordable level to assure payment.

But what is a breadwinner to do? They must have reliable transportation in today’s world to maintain employment. It only makes sense to incur mortgage payments to provide housing and security for our families. We save, struggle to pay our bills and work hard to establish good credit so that when we have unexpected illness or layoffs or downsizing of our job we will have an extra fall back resource. But would anyone who is laid off and out of reserves let their children go hungry so as not to charge some groceries on a credit card? How about the elderly who’s savings have run out and need to choose between their medications and groceries because their Social Security check won’t cover both? Fact is, we need an adjustment in how we think about “survival” debt.

Government Relief Programs?

We now have a gov’t program to fix everything . . . Or do we?

Who can support a family today on a social security or disability or

survivor’s check, or unemployment compensation? Or for that matter, two or three part time jobs? Yet Government blindly plows ahead with expanding infrastructure spending and “public benefits” that demand ever increasing taxes on all that money you aren’t making!

No, you are not going to find help to escape the slavery of overwhelming debt from the Gov’t. The only Gov’t program that provide real relief is bankruptcy, which is what everyone is trying to avoid!

Debt Consolidation?

I cannot count the number of people who come to me after they have spent a year or two making payments to resolve their debts only to find the sheriff on their doorstep with a lawsuit from the credit card company because the debt consolidation company paid themselves first, instead of the creditors.

Since all correspondence has been going to the company the client doesn’t realize what’s happened until he is served with court papers! Now he is faced with the legal fees he was trying to avoid in the first place as well as the possibility of garnishment of up to 25% of his wages!

All that time, effort and money has been wasted. Moreover, because the Credit Adjustment Company is now gone, the credit collectors return with a vengeance! Here again you end up with no choice but to file the Bankruptcy you were trying to avoid!

The Truth about Debt Relief and Bankruptcy in Port St. Lucie

The truth is Bankruptcy is not always the answer either! A good Bankruptcy Lawyer Port St Lucie has more than one way of dealing with debt and credit problems! This is because no two problems are exactly the same. Many people have special circumstances that need to be considered to get the best result. You wouldn’t hire a carpenter with just one tool, so why would you hire an attorney with only one answer? At the same time, a good Port St Lucie Bankruptcy Lawyer should be able to address a variety of issues in a variety of ways both with, and without bankruptcy!

  • Lawsuits
  • Collections
  • FDCPA issues
  • Foreclosures
  • Modifications
  • FCRA issues
  • Student Loans
  • Life & credit after BK
  • Bankruptcy avoidance
  • Business strategy


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