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No Money Down Bankruptcy?

No money down bankruptcy? It is not commonly known that, as many as 70% of Chapter 13’s fail. Because of the limited budget allowance demanded by the Bankruptcy code, unforeseen additional setbacks in the debtors

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Business Bankruptcies on The Rise Again

Business bankruptcies of all sizes including major corporations, and especially local small Mom and Pop Businesses are failing more and more particularly in the retail areas as the impact of on line shopping hits closer and

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Don’ts in Preparing to File Bankruptcy (Part 3)

21.  Don’t omit or ‘save” a credit card for after your bankruptcy.22.  Don’t fail to list debt to family or other “insiders”.23.  Don’t write bad checks.24.  Don’t give creditors postdated checks.25.  Don’t borrow money without talking to your attorney first26.  Don’t

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Don’ts in Preparing to File Bankruptcy (Part 2)

11.  Don’t give of gift property to anyone.12.  Don’t transfer assets to anyone unless it is a genuine sale for fair value.13.  Don’t cash out retirement plans or 401k’s.14.  Don’t gamble.15.  Don’t hide assets or debts.16.  Don’t forget timeshares or co

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4 Ways to Keep Your Stuff

1. Confirm a chapter 11 or chapter 13 plan under §1123 & §1129(a) although both are ride with too many complications to address here. 2. Redeem it.  Special rules apply to certain vehicles but essentially the debtor

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Six Myths About Bankruptcy (Part 2)

6. It’s really hard to file for bankruptcy. It’s really not. You don’t even technically need an attorney. However, it’s not recommended to go through the procedure without one. I have seen more than one person

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Six Myths About Bankruptcy (Part 1)

1. Everyone will know I’ve filed for bankruptcy. Unless you’re a prominent person or a major corporation and the filing is picked up by the media, the chances are very good that the only people who

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