Small Business Bankruptcy Filings Increase

Small business owners filed 2326 cases under Chapter 13 which represented an increase of 10% from 2015. Thus, closely held businesses, and dba’s that qualified to file chapter 13, mirrored somewhat the Chapter 11 business

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Outlook on Bankruptcy For 2017

No one knows for sure what the future holds but sometimes it’s good to take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re at now to see if there are indications of what we

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What are the different types of bankruptcy?

There are numbers of different chapters that people can utilize in a bankruptcy code. Chapter 7, of course, is for consumers and businesses that wish to liquidate debt. Chapter 13 is generally restricted to consumers who

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Hope for Student Loan Relief?

With the start of a New Year and a New Administration in the White House, one has to wonder if there might finally be some progress made in regards to Student Loan Relief that is

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Protecting an Inheritance In Bankruptcy

Generally speaking bankruptcy and asset protection are not thought of in the same sentence or conversation. Nevertheless, “bankruptcy planning” and “asset protection” all have similar concerns. Basically, these concerns include advanced planning or the positioning

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