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Don’ts in Preparing to File Bankruptcy (Part 1)

1.    Don’t leave out bank, checking, savings, brokerage, credit union accounts.2.    Don’t use your credit cards.3.    Don’t take credit cards cash advances.4.    Don’t use convenience checks.5.    Don’t make balance transfers.6.    Don’t pay debts to

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8 More Financial Slip-ups to Avoid

1. Raiding your 401(k). Don’t think of retirement savings as “now” money. It’s moneyyou’ve got to save for later. “Some people use their IRAs, and wind up in bankruptcy,anyway.” Even if you end up having to use it post bankruptcy, it will go a lot further towards survival of your family after bankruptcy;

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Other Don’ts in Preparing to File Bankruptcy

1. Don’t leave out bank, checking, savings, brokerage,  credit union accounts.2. Don’t use your credit cards.3. Don’t take credit cards cash advances.4. Don’t use convenience checks.5. Don’t make balance transfers.6. Don’t pay debts to family.7. Don’t pay debts to friends.8.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Stuff

1. Confirm a chapter 11 or chapter 13 plan under §1123 & §1129(a) although both are ride with too many complications to address here. 2. Redeem it.  Special rules apply to certain vehicles but essentially the debtor

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Plan confirmation and Res Judicata

A confirmation order may only be revoked if it was procured by fraud. 11 U.S.C.§ 1141. And as long as creditors knew or should have known of the treatment they would receive under the plan,

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